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Livery yard

Horse and rider are central at De Blauwe Zaal. The beautiful location and extensive facilities make De Blauwe Zaal a paradise for riders and horses. Together with the equestrian club, we organise all kinds of riding lessons, walks, equestrian schools and camps and other activities.

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The charming clubhouse with sunny terrace is the place to be for horse lovers, walkers and cyclists.


One of Mérula’s vineyards is located in the grounds of De Blauwe Zaal. The Mérula winery has its roots in and around Oostkamp and has been producing great local wines since 2010. The vineyard at De Blauwe Zaal is about 5 hectares in size and grows approximately 26,400 vines.

Of course, you will also have the opportunity to discover Mérula for yourself: the wine is available from the bar and the chilled vending machines on the premises.

A farm with a rich past

The history of De Blauwe Zaal goes back centuries. The farm was originally called ‘Goed Zevensterre’. It can be found under this name on, for example, the Map of the Brugse Vrije by Pieter Pourbus in 1571. We don’t know when, but at a certain point the farm was renamed Blauw Huys. To make a distinction with a similar settlement in Sint-Kruis, the farm changed its name again and received its current name: De Blauwe Zaal.

Since 1972 De Blauwe Zaal has been the home of Ruitersclub Sint-Hubert. Currently De Blauwe Zaal has developed into a reference in the area of equestrian sport in the region.